Care Management

Care Management


Ambulatory Care Management

In order to deliver high-quality care at a lower cost, West Florida Health Network has developed an ambulatory care management program, ExtendingCARE, to address the needs of Florida Hospital employees and dependents with chronic health conditions.  The care management program is a “whole person” approach to managing chronic illness, eliminating gaps in care, reducing fragmentation, and improving communication while focusing on the needs of the member and working collaboratively with physicians. Highly trained nurse care managers support the physician/patient relationship by working with members in reinforcing the physician’s prescribed treatment plan.



Value to Members

  • Help in understanding the physician’s treatment plan
  • Collaboration with physician on member’s behalf
  • Education related to medical condition
  • Assistance with lifestyle changes and health goals
  • Support, including community resource referrals
  • Support, including community resource referrals
  • Coordination of care and transition of care support
  • No additional cost


Value to Physicians

  • PCP time saved as a result of care management
  • Closing gaps in patient care
  • Improved continuity of care to reduce miscommunication and duplication of services
  • Participation in reporting and data exchange included in care management program
  • Cost savings from avoided readmissions, avoided admissions, and avoided ED visits



Guidelines for Patient Eligibility

Florida Hospital members that meet one of more of the following criteria are eligible for Care Management.

  • Participating members with the Florida Hospital Care Advantage Health Plan
  • Poorly controlled chronic health condition and/or multiple comorbidities
  • 2 or more ER/inpatient visits in the past six months
  • 4 or more physician visits in the last twelve months
  • Using multiple medications/difficulty with adherence
    To refer a patient to Care Management, please send an email to