Why join


The health care industry is facing unprecedented change which is creating reimbursement and care delivery uncertainties for both physicians and hospitals. As a result of these pressures, physicians and hospitals nationally are rediscovering the mutual benefits and synergies of working more closely together. We believe that by working together, our West Florida Health joint venture partners – Tampa General Hospital and Florida Hospital - and our community physician partners can provide the best possible care to our patients and be in a better position to respond to these uncertainties.
WFHN participating providers will drive targeted improvements in healthcare quality and efficiency by uniting payers, employers, patients, business consultants, brokers and other healthcare practitioners in a single program to improve outcomes through the application of evidence-based medicine, quality-enhancing technologies and clinical best practices to drive improvements in clinical performance that promote better and more cost-effective care, saves lives and reduces lost work days.
Joining your colleagues in a CIN creates many potential and distinct advantages to you and your practice, such as enabling providers to position and perform well in pay-for-performance and other related value-based purchasing programs and initiatives, gaining additional patient flow through the facilitation of intra-group referrals, preserving the private practice of medicine, sharing the financial burden of information technology solutions, and improving negotiations for enhanced reimbursement based on achievement of CIN and payor goals and objectives


Value to Providers

As a clinically integrated network, we are able to offer unique value to our providers:

• Retain independent practice structure while being part of large network
• Promotion of high degree of cooperation, collaboration and mutual interdependence with colleagues unlikely achievable absent the CIN
• Technical and infrastructure support through the Population Health Technology Platform
• State-wide, CIN-level contract negotiations with health insurers utilizing the entire network
• Case management assistance for patients with chronic diseases that includes office notification of hospital visits/discharges, assistance with reducing readmissions, and referral coordination 
• Strengthening relationship with two leading hospital systems in the Tampa Bay area

Value to Patients

Your patients can be expected to benefit from your participation in the CIN through: a more holistic and patient-centric approach that improves their experience; an increased focus on health maintenance and prevention; and, access to individualized case management support that educates and guides them through their plan of care while providing them with health care options and support.